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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 1, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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>> hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." listen up. anyone who worries about their car with a parking lot attendant. >> this next video might make you worry a little bit more. >> see the corvette that cruised straight into a tv reporter's stink. >> you guys are driving that car all over town. >> what are you talking about? a toddler is stuck in a drain hole and rescuers can't reach him. >> but they had something up their sleeves in that fire department. >> see why some thing turned out to be someone. >> he is tiny.
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>> they were glad they hired that lady. >> a surveillance camera catches a guy taunting a dog. >> but the dog finally has had enough. >> now, who is turning tail, huh, bro? >> he may look like a hostage but this guy is about to get the -- >> best birthday present ever. >> you will there when the blindfold comes off. steven is going to kick things off for us with our first story. >> if you are ever worried about dropping your car and your car keys off at one of those long-term garages or parking lots, this next video might make you worry more. wftv, a news station in florida got a tip that the owner of the premier parking spot in cocoa, florida, was up to no good. apparently, wftv's reporter, jeff deal, got a tip that the owner of this place, jay nieves is known to go on joy roads. loif what this news station did. they rented a red corvette.
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they had a couple go and drop their car off at the premier car spot saying they are going on vacation and rigged this corvette up with a gps device. within six hours, the gps device alerted them that the car was in motion. so wftv sent their chopper up in the air to follow this corvette where it went. inside, they found the owner of the premier parking spot, jay nieves, and a friend. he took this thing home, left it there overnight. ran errands with this thing, took it to appleby's, ace hardware, put 61 miles on this thing. >> i feel like i'm watching ferris buehler's day off. >> nothing to worry about. >> this dog is walking on the back of the car, loading the car up with plywood. eventually, wftv's reporter, jeff deal, came in with his cameraman. this part is the best. >> whose car are you guys driving out there? >> mine. >> the red corvette. >> not driving anybody's car,
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why? >> you are driving that car all over town. >> what are you talking about? >> nieves plays dumb but then reporter, jeff deal, shows him the video. >> do you recognize this road and those people in that car? >> we are not driving anybody's car. >> he is like, oh, crap. >> they are asking him, point blank, did you drive this car? >> no. >> how do you deny that? >> the question is, did he commit any crimes in doing this, since the people left their cars there? >> wftv is continuing to look just that, if he broke any laws. surely, this video could be used as evidence for the police. i want to warn you that this video is really difficult to watch, especially if you are an animal lover. we got this from app this is in mon month county, new jersey. the man you are seeing is 23-year-old george mcel vain. as the surveillance video picks up, the first thing you see him doing is using an air compressor blowing air in the dog's face,
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agitating the dog. it gets worse. >> is he kicking the dog? >> egging him on too. >> completely egging him on. after he kicks him, you can see him clinch the dog in the side of the face. >> poor guy. >> i am not defending his actions about you it is hard to tell, is he just sort of rough-housing with the dog? >> great question. keep watching what happens. >> he goes back and continues to try to agitate the dog. the dog finally has had enough. >> mcel vain runs and falls to the ground behind the trailer and the dog bites mcel vain. >> the dog probably thought, he punched me, i could bite him. that's how we was playing. >> i was thinking the same thing. it looked like maybe they are just doing some tough playing, some rough housing. the dog definitely got mad. i doubt this is his dog. >> this all happened on march 8th. mack el vain complained about this dog after it happened. the spca got ahold of this video and think this video vindicated
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the dog. they realized that mcel vain was, they think, taunting the dog. >> last week, he ended up pleading guilty to one count of animal cruelty in front of a judge. he was fined $650. he was ordered into psychiatric treatment and barred from animal ownership for five years. >> you guys are watching the end of a wild crime spree by a pair being compared to a modern day bonny and clyde in cat tall ba county, north carolina. that jeep you see speeding around police cars was stolen and being driven by 36-year-old michael bagwell. police shot several rounds at that car, struck bagwell and his dianadate.o riding in the he drives about another mile where police finally apprehend him and his girlfriend, nonlife threatening injuries from the gun shots. these two are lucky to be alive
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when the police are firing off a bunch of rounds and you get hit and it doesn't kill you. >> officers claim that over the span of about two hours, the couple broke into six homs, stole five vehicles, rob two people and tried to kidnap a 16-year-old girl. they then led police on a chase and drove around two roadblocks. >> wow! that really does look like a modern day bonny and clyde. >> the road is so crowded. they are putting other officers in danger and citizens this danger. >> this went down about a yearing a. bagwell was indicted with 16 charges. his girlfriend was also indicted on 13 similar charges. it was in court where he pled guilty to more than a dozen of those charges. sometimes, big miracles come in very small packages.
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that happened in eastpoint, georgia, just south of atlanta. >> wow, i've decided to thank god. i am relieved. >> that is the grandmother of darnelle brown. that little boy you see right there, they say darnelle was sitting with his dad. the next thing the dad knows, darnelle slips down into the drain hole. that's a 20-foot deep casing. he fell in and you see all those big, burly firefighters, you think they can climb down there and get him? no. they had something up their sleeves in that fire department. this woman, rosa tellis, 4'11". >> she is tiny. she fit in that hole. >> it was tight but as you can see, i'm really small. >> she said this was very special to her for a big reason. >> i have boys so it is kind of personal. it just makes it all worth coming to work and being dropped down a hole to be able to hand them their baby back. >> was he injured in any way? >> he was taken to the hospital,
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treated, released, bumps and bruises. >> i bet that little boy was terrified. >> i don't think he will walk by a manhole without thinking of this. >> look. it is the blue sky tornado. >> now, is this officially a tornado and not maybe some sort of dust storm? >> it is. see where it happens. >> and we've heard of sacci bombers and photo bombers now, a guy that makes stop sign yarn flowers. >> he honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?!
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at rightthisminute point come. here is a video of a guy at church, not there to light a candle and say a prayer. instead, this guy may have a few sins to confess later, because
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this dude is casing the joint at immaculate conception church in irwin, penal vain ya, near pittsburgh, p.a. according to our friends at wpsi, this dude showed up, snooped around these candles and more notably, the offering box that has the donations underneath the candles. the 11 security cameras installed in this church caught this guy on camera. according to wpxi, he showed up the next day and tried prying open the box and stealing the donations. good thing, he didn't walk away with anything. he got scared when somebody else walked into the church and he fled the scene. here is the ironic part about this story. this church was robbed about a year ago. so they looked into installing security cameras. the security cameras were installed one day. the next day was the day the guy came in to case the joint. the day after that was when he
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tried to rob the place. >> so they just installed this system and they catch this guy? >> right, the day after they catch this guy snooping around their joint. >> it is a sad day when you have to install 11 security cameras inside a church. >> no arrests made thus far but police are saying, look, this is pretty clear surveillance video. they are on the lookout. one of the best sources online for weird news is huff post weird news. we have david lloyd with two pretty interesting stories. now, i just saw one of the stories on huff post. a guy named brian from san diego who makes stop sign yarn flowers. >> what brian does, i think you need to have his name in quotes because that is all he'llagree to. i bomber. he stitched up little scarfs and attached yarn leaves with wire to 100 stop signs in the neighborhood. >> i would like to put one so that everybody passes one on their way to work or school so
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that it brings a smile to their face. >> it has made a lot of people smile but it has also made government bureaucrats very worried because they fear having these leaves, these yarn-covered leaves on the stop sign somehow breaks rules regarding things being on stop signs. >> i don't see a big problem with these. i think they are great. they are not that distracting. >> they need to plant a cop nearby. >> now, the second story. this one is fascinating. a guy named andrew bishago, a seattle attorney, says he has been a time traveler. >> a career of doing weird news i don't think there has ever been a story that's been weird are for me personally. >> the u.s. time space program e emerged in the mid 1960s in a project under the defense project defense agency called project peg ga sis. >> they were training kids to go through time. it is one of those things, he
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went back to the civil war at gettysburg and was supposedly photographed in a famous photo in the national archives e was noticed by all these people mainly because here is a kid on the battlefield and that his shoes were really big. i'm wondering why they make him wear extra big shoes before he jumped into the portal. >> my dad asked me a question and said, do you want to go back to november 19th, 1863 and see abraham lincoln in his gettysburg address. i had pre i had previously seen him. >> were you surprised to find out he is a practicing attorney with clients? >> at this point, not necessarily surprised by anything. i found kind of interesting since he is telling the truth and that's the last thing people
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expect from lawyers. >> they sent him back in time. why didn't he stop lincoln's assassination. >> why did he even bother to see the play? that's the weird thing. this is lele. you could call him man's best guard. >> i feel like this dog was once a bmx rider in a previous life. >> oh, yeah. >> he also rides the bike like a boss. >> no way. this son blindfolds his dad and shoves him into a car. >> dad has no
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in the last several weeks, we have seen a lot of tornado footage. this one is in france. this is so weird, because the sky behind it is so blue. >> yes. that's one of the things that struck me the most about this video. it is how seemingly clear this day was. it seems like it is shiny, blue skies, beautiful, white clouds. you can hear a little bit of rain hitting the car that these people are driving. >> is this officially a tornado and not maybe just some sort of dust storm? did it do a lot of damage? >> this was categorized as an f-1 tornado, which meant it had
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73 to 112-mile-an-hour winds. >> it is also very rare that tornadoes hit this. >> it didn't cause too much damage and there were no reported injuries. mom's little piggy. ♪ best birthday present ever. >> this is nick depalo and his walking him out to his newest birthday present. dad has no clue what's going on. he says his father has always wanted to own a ferrari. his dad is having a little bit of trouble, not sure what's going on. he is trying to stuff him in the
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ferrari. >> good thing he didn't take off the side-view mirror something. >> his dad says at one point, what did you get me, a total gym or a beau flexor something? >> wait until you see his father's face. >> one, two, three. >> puts his hands on the steering wheel. >> his dad is blown away. >> at one point, you see him start to dab some tears away. >> he is making us all look really, really bad. >> i got my dad a porsche for his birthday last year. >> his dad is checking his side mirrors making sure everything is okay. >> it is pretty cool. the way he drives, it is like, oh, my gosh, this is beautiful. >> on this father's day, you
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might think twice about what you are getting pop. >> i'm not going to think twice. my dad shouldn't be moving anymore. this, i've got to see. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my god. >> wow. >> whoa! >> oh! >> take two hands. >> this is the bess vidt video >> are you exaggerating, man. >> to see the whole clip, head over to our website, what's going on here? ♪ >> dancer, camera, cal lied scope camera. >> the
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babies can't speak but i think baby brin is very clearly communicating. she doesn't like green beans. >> i love babies eating videos. >> i think she is frowning and growling and the facial expressions are pretty clearly saying, mom, cut it out with the green beans. >> maybe she wants broccoli. >> really, mom. really? is she still feeding my green
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beans. >> what part of that don't you understand? >> green bean baby food is awful. the only good baby food, pears, peaches. >> green beans. who needs a lock for their bike when you have a dog like lele. lele belongs to wau wing kong in china. instead of locking up the bike, lele is known for having its paws on the bike and not letting anybody take it. >> it just stays there? >> with the paws? >> with the paws up, yep. this video was shot last year but only recently posted. what i love about the video, not just how the dog keeps its paws on the bike so everybody keeps their paws off.
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check out what happens when the owner shows up. >> he is going to get on there. >> no way. this is unreal. are you kidding me? that dog is huge for that little seat. he crawled right up like he stepped on the tire spokes and hopped up. >> this makes me believe in reincarnation. i feel like this dog was once a bmx rider in a previous life. >> or a messenger. >> or a bike messenger. >> do you think if somebody comes over there to steal the bike, does the dog bite them? i feel like i can steel that bike from the do >> becse it is golden retriever and it is friendly to everybody. >> i am going to go with what the people of nan ning says. he does a good job. >> that's the owner of the bike.
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guys, this next video will sort of make your head hurt due to coolness. look at this. it starts out with just like a dancer in like a little red getup and then another one shows up. another one shows up. they are kind of like, what is this, like a kaleidoscope? dancer, camera, kaleidoscope camera. ♪ >> how they did it, i don't know. what it is, is the sort of kickoff video for the ted-x submit that went down in qatar. it is like a series of events and gatherings around the world where people can share, quote, ideas worth spreading. check out more information and
9:58 am i don't know how many dancers there are or how the heck they did this but it is pretty cool to look at. >> everyone go like this. >> go like this. >> and then look through it and it looks like you are look tlug a kaleidoscope. >> it looks like one of those kids' toys. >> if you want to do this from home, head over. that's it for our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. ♪ cçrrú
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